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Photography by Laura Billingham Photography

I am often asked what a micro-wedding is and what makes it different from other weddings. Simply put, a micro-wedding has a smaller guest list -usually between 10-20 close family and friends. But the ceremony itself is not something that can be quantified. Some couples choose a full-scale ceremony while others want more of a short and sweet event. One of the things which makes a micro-wedding special is the intimacy that is experienced by all in attendance.

Laura and Bill chose the beautiful Bridgeton House on the Delaware for their wedding venue. It was the perfect backdrop for their intimate ceremony. Surrounded by parents and their children, they exchanged vows with the iconic green Warren truss bridge in the background.

Karen and Bill each brought two ‘young adult’ children to the marriage. Their children shared a lovely poem – each reading a section during the ceremony. It was a wonderful tribute to the love they had for their parents, and their support of this new union.

Personal vows were shared with a promise of forever.

Also, to be noted, Bill and Karen hired professional photographer, Laura Billingham. Laura was able to brilliantly capture every nuance of this beautiful event.

The ceremony ended, of course, with The Kiss, and the applause and celebration of their loved ones!

The beauty of a micro-wedding is that it allows you to create a very intimate experience with a few select guests. Bill and Karen wanted the focus to be on family, and the gratitude they had for their love and future together. They curated this experience with great intention, and the result was a joyful family wedding and memories that will last a lifetime.

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