Laughter. Tears. Joy. Celebration!
Congratulations! You are getting married and want to have an exceptional ceremony. You want it to be engaging, joyous, and truly reflect the two of you. As Celebrants, our specialty is crafting a couple-centered ceremony that embraces who you are, and creates an environment where everyone feels like they're part of the celebration. 

Donna Forsythe, Celebrant

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select from the above to learn more about our services

you're getting married!

​Congratulations! Your wedding day is a celebration of your unique relationship and your decision to make a lasting commitment.

 If you are looking to create a wedding ceremony that is personal, memorable and focuses on you, we may be the perfect choice to officiate your wedding.

 Contact us to arrange a casual visit to learn more about our services and to see if you would like us to represent you on this most special day.      

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unlike anything we could have imagined

'She made our ceremony unique - it was unlike anything we could have imagined. 
She made our guests feel as though they were part of our journey, 
and that was so special to us.'

Venue: Whitewoods
Photographer: Amanda Nichols Photography

our accomplished and award winning celebrants are skilled at creating beautifully hand-crafted ceremonies for contemporary couples

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